After years of work, Oklahoma pro-lifers celebrate pro-life law

After years of work, Oklahoma pro-lifers celebrate pro-life law

After years of work, Oklahoma pro-lifers celebrate pro-life law

Pro-life leaders in Oklahoma are confident a new state law will withstand an expected court fight from abortion supporters after Gov. Kevin Stiff signed a bill that punishes abortionists. In pro-abortion Maryland, meanwhile, the state appears to be competing to be an abortion mecca.

Paul Abner, president of Oklahoma Faith Leaders, says anyone who performs an abortion will certainly pay a price: The abortionist becomes a felon.

“And I believe it's 10 years in jail and a $100,000 fine,” Abner tells AFN.

Over in Maryland, Gov. Larry Hogan vetoed a pro-abortion bill but the legislature met in a special session and overrode his veto.

Laura Bogley of Maryland Right to Life tells AFN the bill that survived a veto repeals a state law that allowed only licensed physicians to perform abortions.

“It also forces Maryland taxpayers, and private insurance companies,” she says, referring to the Medicaid program, “to pay for abortion.”

Taxpayers already fork over $6.5 million to abortionists for Medicaid-paid abortions.

Back in Oklahoma, Abner says pro-life groups have been working with state lawmakers for years – some for decades – to ban abortions and protect the unborn, so the bill signing by Gov. Stitt marked a big day for many.

“They thought that the pro-life movement would have quit a long time ago,” he says of the opposition. “They thought the longevity of things would have caused us to give up but I think we're more energized now than we've ever been.”

Typical left-wing groups, including the American Civil Liberties Union, are expected to sue Oklahoma to keep the law from going into effect.

“I'm sure they're on their way now,” Abner says, “to do what they can to shut it down.”

The abortion fight in Oklahoma and in Maryland is making news because state legislators have been in session introducing, debating, and passing bills.

AFN has reported on abortion-related legislation  in Kentucky, in Colorado, and in Illinois in recent days and weeks.