State aims to provide refuge for abortionists, prepares for post-'Roe' world

State aims to provide refuge for abortionists, prepares for post-'Roe' world

State aims to provide refuge for abortionists, prepares for post-'Roe' world

Illinois seems to be desperate for abortionists. This week, the Illinois Senate is expected to act on a bill passed in the lower chamber that amends the 1987 Medical Practice Act as well as the Nurse and Physician Assistant Practice acts.

HB 1464, in short, offers protection for abortionists whose actions might be illegal in other states. Specifically, the bill "provides that the Department of Financial and Professional Regulation shall not [take any] disciplinary or non-disciplinary action against the license or permit issued under the Acts to [any registered medical worker] based solely upon the license of [a medical worker] being revoked or discipled by any state or territory for the provision of […] [any] procedure related to an abortion on the basis that such [procedures are] unlawful or prohibited in that state or territory, if the provision of […] that [procedure] related to an abortion is not unlawful or prohibited in the State."

In an interview with AFN, David Smith of Illinois Family Institute summarizes what HB 1464 is trying to accomplish. "If a physician is licensed in both Missouri and Illinois," he explains, "and they do an illegal procedure to abort a child in Missouri and they get in trouble for it, then Illinois will make sure that they don't get penalized and that they are free to operate as normal here in Illinois."

Part of the rationale behind the legislation is the possibility this summer that the U.S. Supreme Court will overturn the landmark 1973 ruling legalizing abortion throughout the U.S., thereby leaving the decisions up to the states.

In a related press release, Smith gave further insight into the issue: "The bill is designed for a post Roe v. Wade world […] when red states pass life-saving restrictions on abortion similar to the Texas Heartbeat Bill."

"Those abortion facilitators in Texas and other red states will not be able to do their practice anymore," Smith tells AFN. "Well, Illinois wants to welcome them."

"It isn't simply a welcome mat for bloodthirsty butchers," he claimed, "but it is also a message to those who want to continue their savage ways in 'friendlier' territory."

Illinois is already seeing a tremendous increase in business because it is surrounded by states that restrict abortion and save the lives of preborn babies. Passage of HB 1464 would allow a supply of abortionists to continue coming to the Land of Lincoln.