Tens of thousands saved in a year, millions more to come

Tens of thousands saved in a year, millions more to come

Tens of thousands saved in a year, millions more to come

A longtime pro-life advocate says when the U.S. Supreme Court reversed its 1973 abortion decision a year ago, it boosted state efforts to save preborn lives.

Since June 24th last year, the court has left it up to the states to decide how they would regulate abortion.

"Almost half the states, 24 states, have moved to pass strong pro-life protections anywhere from conception to 12 weeks," reports Marjorie Dannenfelser of Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America.

She estimates those laws have saved "tens of thousands of lives" and could potentially save millions more in the future.

So the abortion industry is spending millions of dollars to overturn those laws or to pass constitutional amendments to protect the child termination industry in those states. To shut down that effort, Dannenfelser says voters simply need send a pro-life president and a pro-life Congress to Washington.

Dannenfelser, Marjorie (SBA List) Dannenfelser

"It'll be the first Republican pro-life president in the Dobbs era, so it's vitally important that they be strong so that we can pass national legislation to protect children in places like California and New York and Illinois," the pro-lifer submits. "A child's life should not be determined by where they live, because this is human rights, right?"

Until then, pro-lifers continue to celebrate the end of the Roe era. Saturday, many will gather at the Lincoln Memorial for a celebration of the first anniversary of the Supreme Court's decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization. Dannenfelser is one of the many pro-life notables invited to speak at the event, National Celebrate Life Day.