End of Roe means new era of reaching and teaching

End of Roe means new era of reaching and teaching

End of Roe means new era of reaching and teaching

On the one-year anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court overturning Roe v Wade, pro-life ministries face new challenges to help pregnant women who are considering abortion.


When the court's decision was released, it handed the responsibility for abortion laws back to the states. According to Preborn Ministries, which provides free ultrasounds to pregnant women, overturning Roe could reduce abortions by a quarter-million annually. 

Dan Steiner, who leads Preborn, tells AFN the landmark decision has changed the landscape in states such as Florida and Texas, where abortion is heavily restricted. So now women living there, who are determined to kill an unborn child, are willing to risk their own safety at home.

“She can't go to an abortion clinic to get it so what should she do,” Steiner says. “Well, she goes online…and finds an abortion pill online and gets an abortion in her own home.”

Steiner, Dan (Preborn) Steiner

Those do-it-yourself abortion pills are dangerous and can harm or even kill a woman who takes them. 

Beyond state laws restricting abortion, Steiner says churches should be addressing the issue from the pulpit and in the pews, beginning with educating young people about what he calls the "humanity of the unborn."

Last year, Preborn reported 54,000 unborn lives were saved when pregnant mothers saw their child on an ultrasound.