MCFL responds to abortion expansion

MCFL responds to abortion expansion

MCFL responds to abortion expansion

With a new sweeping abortion bill in place in their state, a pro-life organization in Massachusetts realizes they have their work cut out for them.

As insurance against pro-life efforts to prevent pro-life laws from being ignored by crossing state lines, Governor Charlie Baker (R) has signed into law a bill that provides for major abortion expansion in the state and very few restrictions.

For example, one provision ensures that abortion pills are readily available for every woman. Myrna Flynn of Massachusetts Citizens for Life (MCFL) says it actually instructs state-sponsored establishments of higher education to make the abortion pills available on campuses.

Her organization is getting to work.

Flynn, Myrna (MCFL) Flynn

"We've got plans for a billboard to go up in Amherst or in Hadley, which is where the University of Massachusetts flagship campus is located. There are roughly tens of thousands of students who will have access to chemical abortion pills now on that campus," Flynn reports.

Pro-lifers will also be on campuses handing out leaflets that cite the dangers of the pills and explaining that the medications actually end the life of a human being.

The state will also harbor criminal abortionists.

"If these abortionists are sought by law enforcement officials from states that have outlawed abortion, Massachusetts will protect these individuals," says Flynn. "So if they have broken a law in another state, they are safe here."

LifeSiteNews.com details that the measure declares "access" to abortion and "gender-affirming" procedures are rights under the Massachusetts Constitution, mandates abortion coverage under the MassHealth state Medicaid program, lets over-the-counter emergency contraception be sold in vending machines, and requires state-funded colleges and universities to establish student "medication abortion readiness plans."

It also clarifies that abortions may be committed past 24 weeks for fetal anomalies or diagnoses "incompatible with sustained life outside of the uterus" or cases where a physician deems the abortion medically necessary for a patient's physical or mental health.

Regardless of the expansiveness of the new law, MCFL will not slow down until every citizen and elected official understands that abortion is the greatest human rights issue of this century.