Pro-abortion vandals apparently 'invisible to law enforcement'

Pro-abortion vandals apparently 'invisible to law enforcement'

Pro-abortion vandals apparently 'invisible to law enforcement'

The director of a firebombed pro-life pregnancy center is wondering why no one has been arrested for the attack.

On June 7th, CompassCare Pregnancy Services' facility in Buffalo, New York suffered extensive damage from the bomb. Services continued at another location the next day, and thanks to the outpouring of help from the Church, Buffalo residents, and beyond, the original facility reopened after only 52 days.

Jim Harden, executive director of the pro-life establishment, previously told AFN that authorities had been actively investigating the attack based off of the images provided by the clinic's security cameras. But though the FBI was pursuing multiple perpetrators, no arrests have been made.

Meanwhile, a Planned Parenthood in the state enjoyed different attention from the police after its facility was vandalized.

Harden, Jim (CompassCare Pregnancy Services) Harden

"What happened was somebody played a trick on them and put a chain and a lock around their fence, and they captured a person immediately," Harden reports. "They arrested them and bemoaned the fact that somebody vandalized their facility. Meanwhile, we've got arson attacks all over the country, and we've got no arrests. That doesn't make any sense to me. It's like somebody puts on a hoodie and a mask, and all of a sudden they go invisible to the law enforcement."

In addition to the physical attacks, pregnancy centers are also dealing with the effects of politicians' claims that they are harming and deceiving women, when the truth is they are actually helping women through their pregnancies.

"Because the abortion outlines are shifting, women are coming from conservative states to abortion hub states like New York through abortion tourism now to get their abortions," Harden explains. "We're expecting a 30% increase in patient load, which is why we're expanding. We're adding 30% additional space to serve more patients."

The cost for rebuilding after the firebomb attack has so far exceeded $250,000.