KCK pro-lifers hope to prevent secret clinic's opening

KCK pro-lifers hope to prevent secret clinic's opening

KCK pro-lifers hope to prevent secret clinic's opening

The fight to prevent Kansas City, Kansas from becoming a "destination city for abortion" continues.

AFN has reported that Planned Parenthood Great Plains secretly planned to open an abortion clinic on the Kansas side of Kansas City, but a pro-life group found them out.

Ron Kelsey, who heads Planned Parenthood Exposed, says one concern about Planned Parenthood setting up shop there stems from the fact that neighboring Missouri restricts abortion. According to Kansas's 2020 stats, patients have already been pouring in from Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Texas seeking abortions.

"In 2020, abortions increased in Kansas by 9%, and the vast majority of those abortions were from out-of-state residents," Kelsey explains.

That increase followed the April 2019 Kansas Supreme Court ruling that the state constitution includes a so-called right to abortion. Kelsey asserts that it does not.

"I refer to Kansas as a destination state for abortions now," the pro-lifer laments. "Kansas City, Kansas, if that Planned Parenthood clinic opens, it's going to become a destination city for abortions."

Local residents have already voiced their disapproval of the clinic to city and county officials in a public meetings. They have asked the government to reject an occupational license for the child termination center, and while one commissioner, Chuck Stites, has declared his support for the efforts to prevent the licensing of "this type of facility" in Wyandotte County, the mayor and other commissioners have not responded to Kelsey's organization.

The Planned Parenthood building at 6013 Leavenworth Rd is due for final building inspection on April 18th prior to issuing a certificate of occupancy.