Help save Hyde

Help save Hyde

A coalition of pro-life groups is calling on the public to help prevent government funds from being used to fund abortion.

Susan B. Anthony List and 60 other groups have signed a letter calling on Congress to protect the Hyde Amendment from extremist Democrats who want it gone. The measure, which forbids use of federal funds for abortion, has saved an estimated 2 million lives.

Robertson, Prudence (Susan B. Anthony List) Robertson

"There's two different ways that Democrats are working to strip Hyde from federal spending bills -- through the appropriations package and through the budget resolution reconciliation process," explains SBA List spokesperson Prudence Robertson.

The letter is now on Congress members' desks, and now the pro-life coalition is encouraging pro-life Americans to join the campaign.

"These legislators need to hear the voices of their pro-life constituents speaking up for the truth, speaking up for what they believe in as pro-life constituents," says Robertson. "We need to keep putting positive pressure on them to stand up for us in Washington and not cave to the extremism of Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, and their colleagues in Congress."

The Hyde Amendment has been in effect for over 40 years and with bipartisan support, but the current Democrat majority wants it to disappear so that financially impoverished women can obtain free abortions.