Florida abortionist endangering women no more

Florida abortionist endangering women no more

Florida abortionist endangering women no more

A pro-life activist with a passion for shutting down abortion businesses with research and investigation says an abortionist in Florida recently made a wise decision to close his clinic's doors.

Sidewalk counselors in the Port Charlotte, Florida area contacted Reprotection about abortionist Ali Azima at the Venice Women's Health Center there.

"We started investigating this physician, and it turns out he had a history of medical negligence, of endangering women," reports Reprotection spokesperson Missy Stone. "He had had his license previously suspended and was again practicing and was putting women in danger all over again."

Stone, Missy (Reprotection) Stone

Sidewalk counselors could not help but notice that Azima, who is elderly, had visibly shaky hands. So Reprotection filed complaints with the state's health and medical officials, which got the usual lengthy process underway. The medical board soon decided to open an investigation.

"He actually was fighting for his business and was trying to stay open at all costs," Stone relays. "But as soon as that investigation was open, that is all it took, because he realized people were speculating. He realized people were on to him, and so he shut his doors."

Stone says Reprotection will continue to investigate abortion businesses and doctors who do not live up to the standards of the medical profession.