Another pre-midterm poll … more bad news for Dems

Another pre-midterm poll … more bad news for Dems

Another pre-midterm poll … more bad news for Dems

A conservative political pundit in Texas is excited about the results of a new poll that shows Independent women flocking to the GOP as the midterm elections approach.

As AFN reported this week, pre-midterm polls are showing a shift away from Democratic candidates and policies among the black and Hispanic communities – both of which historically (and heavily) lean Democrat. CNN reported that while the Democratic Party still wins a majority of black voters, that support has dropped 10 to 11 points since 2018; even more significantly, the Latino support for Democrats (according to a Telemundo poll) has dropped by 50% (42% to 21%) over the last decade.

Now comes an October 17 poll reflecting yet another exodus in the making that bodes well for the GOP leading into the final three weeks of midterm campaigning. A New York Times and Siena College poll found that Republicans have an 11-point lead among women Independents, with 46% saying they lean toward Republican candidates and 35% preferring Democrats.

The same poll in September found 43% of that demographic preferred Democrats and 31% favored Republicans – a startling 23-point swing. That massive shift occurred over just a matter of weeks even as President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, and other Democrats have focused on the abortion issue in hopes of galvanizing female voters.

Cathie Adams is a former chairman of the Republican Party of Texas and is first vice president of Eagle Forum. Women, she says, are seeing the effects of Joe Biden's economic policies every day.

Adams, Cathie (TX Eagle Forum) Adams

"We are having to pay more for everything in the grocery store. A dozen eggs now up to about five dollars," she cites as one example. "I don't think that there's anyone who would look at what's going on whether it's at the gas pump or the grocery store and say that Joe Biden is doing a good job. He has failed us."

As for the Democrats' abortion strategy, Adams argues it's not working. "There are so many women who have had abortions who regret it that they are not going to go the polls and say Let's have an open season on innocent life," she suggests.

In an earlier interview, the president of the National Right to Life Committee cited a June poll showing minimal public support (10-15%) for the radical abortion stance promoted by the Democratic Party: abortion on demand for all nine months of pregnancy – and paid for by taxpayer dollars.

Even the Independent Women's Voice – which takes no position on abortion – acknowledges that while many women today care about "reproductive freedom," they also realize that other issues (such as crime, inflation, the economy, immigration, national security, and education) take priority.