Trump trend among minority voters could haunt Dems in midterms

Trump trend among minority voters could haunt Dems in midterms

Trump trend among minority voters could haunt Dems in midterms

A public policy analyst says he's seeing some signs that black voters – historically considered the core of the Democratic Party – aren't enthusiastic about the midterm elections.

In September, conservative black columnist Star Parker wrote that the GOP must reach out to low-income Americans – and particularly black citizens – and convince them "the path to opportunity" is a free economy. Once black voters realize that freedom, and not government, is the path to wealth creation, "we can turn a sinking ship around," Parker said, referring to the nation's economic struggles under the Biden administration.

Parker's writings may not be prophetic – but the Democratic Party's electoral predictions have become so dire that left-leaning CNN now has been forced to report the results of a new poll that Media Research Center says indicates black voters are "souring" on the Democratic Party.

CNN reported that, according to its own poll, the Democratic Party still wins a majority of black voters. But the 74% black support for Democrats in pre-midterm election polling is notably lower than in 2020 (84%) and 2018 (85%) in 2018. Comparatively, the percentage of black votes Republicans are projected to win in November could be enough to make a difference in key states like Georgia, North Carolina, and Nevada.

Taylor, Dr. Jameson (AFA Action) Taylor

Jameson Taylor is director of policy and legislative affairs at AFA Action. "We certainly saw an increase turnout with minorities for President Trump during the 2020 election," he notes. "The question is whether that's going to carry over to the midterms."

Examining the CNN poll results, Taylor suggests "there are already some signs that black voters, in particular, are not enthusiastic about the midterm elections. [But] the question will be whether they continue to be enthusiastic about Joe Biden."

Another recent poll shows that Hispanics are also moving away from the Democrats in increasing numbers because of their radical positions. That poll from NBC/Telemundo shows that Latino support for Democrats has dropped by 50% in the last ten years (from 42 points in 2012 to 21 points in 2022).

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