Kemp maintains lead over Abrams in Georgia rematch of '18

Kemp maintains lead over Abrams in Georgia rematch of '18

Kemp maintains lead over Abrams in Georgia rematch of '18

The leader of a Georgia-based, pro-family group predicts Georgia’s Republican governor is poised to win re-election after handily debating his Democrat opponent on a range of issues just weeks before Election Day.

In a debate over the economy, crime, education, and abortion, Gov. Brian Kemp and challenger Stacey Abrams battled Monday night in a one-hour debate that comes three weeks before Election Day.

Summer fact check didn't stop abortion-obsessed Abrams

Charlie Butts, AFN.net

Gubernatorial candidate Stacey Adams keeps making headlines over her abortion views after making unfounded claims about Georgia state law and her pro-life opponent, Gov. Brian Kemp.

In an attempt to frighten female voters about a heartbeat law, Abrams is airing political ads that claim Kemp wants to “investigate and punish women” who suffer miscarriages.

PolitiFact, which is no ally conservatives, rated that claim “False” in an article published during the summer, but Adams is still making that claim.

Elizabeth Edmonds, of Georgia Life Alliance, tells AFN pro-life voters are watching Abrams make crazy claims about abortion, such as equating rearing children with struggling to make ends meet.

"Let’s be clear: having children is why you’re worried about your price for gas," Abrams told MSNBC this week. "It’s why you’re concerned about how much food costs." 

“One of her solutions to inflation was abortion,” Edmonds says, “that the reason you're worried about inflation is because you have children.”

Weeks ago, Abrams also bizarrely claimed a pregnancy ultrasound manipulates the sound of the fetal heartbeat because men want to control women by forcing them to give birth.

Democrats are trying to make abortion a top issue for their base, Edmonds says, when voters are more concerned about affording gas and groceries.

The debate also came on the first day of early voting in the state, and a second and final debate is scheduled for October 30, according to The Associated Press. 

Timothy Head, executive director of the Georgia-based Faith and Freedom Coalition, says Kemp held his own during the debate and still maintains a decent lead over Abrams as the election nears.

“Not overwhelming but a relatively comfortable lead,” Head says. “And his approach, really, to this debate was functionally just not lose voters."

Head, Timothy (FFC) Head

There is a political adage that says a political debate won’t win an election but it can cost you one, Head says, and Kemp headed into the debate with polls showing he had a single-digit lead over Abrams.

According to a compilation of five polls at RealClearPolitics, Kemp leads Abrams 51%-45%.

Kemp narrowly defeated Abrams 50%-48% in the 2018 governor’s race.

After that loss, the little-known Democrat enjoyed national attention from the media after claiming the gubernatorial election was stolen from her. Abrams has also become a literal multi-millionaire, too, after using her loss to become a “voting rights activist" and prominent Democrat.

Poll: Walker beat Warnock in debate

Regarding the closely-watched U.S. Senate race, Head says Georgia voters witnessed Republican candidate Herschel Walker perform well in the recent debate with Sen. Raphael Warnock.

Walker has stumbled in his first-ever political campaign for public office, so the debate put a former NFL player on the same stage as a church pastor and politician.

When it was over, Head says, Walker's debate performance "exceeded expectations" and bolstered the candidate's support among uncertain voters as Election Day nears.

Despite a rough campaign for Walker, Warnock has led his GOP opponent by only single digits in polling. A post-debate poll by Landmark Communications shows a tie, 46%-46%.

In that same poll, asked who won the U.S. Senate debate, voters chose Walker over Warnock 34%-33%. A number almost equal to that, 32%, was undecided on the winner.