Biden, buses, and 'blue' cities

Biden, buses, and 'blue' cities

Immigrants from the U.S.-Mexico border arriving at Union Station near the U.S. Capitol from Texas on buses in late April. The District of Columbia is one of the destinations of buses that have been sent by governors in Texas and Arizona. (AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana, File)

Biden, buses, and 'blue' cities

The lieutenant governor of Texas is telling the leaders of major Democrat-led cities if they have an issue with busloads of illegal immigrants coming to their communities, they need to get in touch with Joe Biden.

Since April, the state of Texas has bused nearly 7,000 migrants up north. In one case, New York City Mayor Eric Adams has expressed his dissatisfaction that several of those buses have arrived in his city – and he has threatened in retaliation to send busloads of New Yorkers to Texas to campaign against Governor Greg Abbott in the upcoming gubernatorial election.

But during an appearance on the Fox News Channel, Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick issued a warning.

Patrick, Lt. Gov. Dan (Texas) Patrick

"Every mayor of a big blue city, which are most of the top 25 in the country, should be on notice," he stated. "Look out your window; you might see a bus coming to you one day in the future – and the buses are going to keep coming." One of the latest to arrive in the Big Apple carried an estimated 52 people, which included five women and two children.

According to the lieutenant governor, the Lone Star State is "desperate" to bring attention to the border crisis – thus, the busloads of illegal immigrants. "If we can put pressure on all these Democrat mayors around the country, maybe they'll pick up the phone and call Joe Biden and [tell him] the border is not secure," he added.

Patrick also pointed out what he considers the hypocrisy of Mayor Adams complaining about the influx of migrants as New York City calls itself a "sanctuary city" that bars local law enforcement from cooperating with federal immigration agencies and makes no distinction between legal and illegal immigrations.

"We've had now 400,000 people [cross the border] in the Del Rio sector in the last year. The population of that town is 36,000," Patrick described. "That would be like us sending 80 million to New York."

Just this week, the Immigration Reform Law Institute named New York City as the nation's "most dangerous sanctuary community," saying the city's leadership has "doubled down" on policies shown to lead to more crime, fear, and death.