CA liberals vow to copy pro-life law and sue gun makers

CA liberals vow to copy pro-life law and sue gun makers

CA liberals vow to copy pro-life law and sue gun makers

A Texas-based pro-life group says abortion-supporting Democrats in California are engaging in time-wasting politics with a proposed law that would allow the public to sue gun manufacturers.

"This is all a publicity stunt," Kimberlyn Schwartz, speaking for Texas Right to Life, says of the measure introduced by state Sen. Bob Hertzberg that mirrors the pro-life heartbeat law in her state. That law, which angered abortion supporters nationwide, allows the public to sue abortionists who terminate an unborn life if the heartbeat can be detected.

Passage of the “heartbeat” law went mostly unnoticed in the public until the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the Texas law last fall, and that ruling infuriated far-left abortion supporters including Gavin Newsom (pictured above), California’s governor.  

"There is no principled way the U.S. Supreme Court cannot uphold this California law. None,” Newsom told reporters last week. “It is quite literally modeled after the law they just upheld in Texas.”

California’s liberal leaders also reacted with anger last year after a federal judge ruled the state government cannot ban AR-15 rifles and similar semi-auto firearms, which the Left refers to as “assault weapons” because of their military appearance and magazine capacity. 

The bill in California would allow the public to seek a court order to stop the "spread" of these now-legal "assault weapons," and the legislation includes a minimum of $10,000 in damages plus attorney's fees, according to The Associated Press. 

If the bill proposed by Sen. Hertzberg becomes law, the Second Amendment Foundation has promised a lawsuit if the bill becomes law. The Firearms Policy Coalition has also promised legal action.

According to Schwartz, there is a reason California’s gun-hating liberals don’t want to apply enforcement to anything new: A state law banning handguns, for example, would be challenged in court and would eventually be struck down by the Second Amendment-defending U.S. Supreme Court.

“So that's how we know this is just a publicity stunt,” she insists.

California, meanwhile, is bleeding residents who are moving away to escape far-left politics, rampant crime, sky-high real estate and taxes, and burdensome regulations. The state still has the largest population in the country but lost a congressional seat, for the first time ever, after the most recent U.S. Census. 

In an AFN story from last fall, a now-former California resident said he moved to Mississippi and purchased a home and 25 acres after selling his quarter-acre home in Stockton. The former Californian, Duane Beach, also said he did something unheard of in California: He set up a gun range.