Lawmaker calls for DoD, feds to investigate whistleblower accusations

Lawmaker calls for DoD, feds to investigate whistleblower accusations

Lawmaker calls for DoD, feds to investigate whistleblower accusations

A Republican senator wasted no time after receiving a whistleblower memo from a group of military officers who allege the Department of Defense acted illegally in imposing vaccine mandates and ignoring the rights of personnel who refused the inoculation.

A 41-page memorandum sent to members of Congress on August 16 by a group of nine military whistleblowers revealed a number of illegal actions taken by the Department of Defense to enforce its military vaccine mandate. The memo warranted a quick response from Senator Ron Johnson (R-Wisconsin) to Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, FDA Commissioner Robert Califf, and CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky.

In his letter dated August 18, the Republican lawmaker responds to several allegations by the military whistleblowers which he says "[raised] questions about the manufacturing and labeling of COVID-19 vaccines distributed to service members."

Johnson, Ron (R-Wisc.) Johnson

It appears one of Johnson's greatest concerns is the whistleblowers' argument that the Comirnaty-labeled vaccine lot numbers they were offered correspond with vaccine lots for emergency use only. And with that, say the whistleblowers, every service member has the Constitutional right to refuse getting the jab with a non-FDA-approved product distributed for emergency use only.

According to Johnson, the information brought to his attention (along with other members of Congress) must be fully addressed by the Department of Defense, FDA, and CDC. The senator also defends the rights of the nine whistleblowers – all of whom are officers and represent all but one of the military service branches – warning that "any retaliatory actions taken against these individuals will not be tolerated and will be investigated immediately."

Johnson has requested Austin, Califf, and Walensky respond to the allegations no later than September 1.

Petition posted

An online petition recently launched by one of the signatories to the whistleblower memo calls for a congressional investigation of illegal vaccine-related activity by the DoD.

Marine Corps Capt. Josh "Hippity" Hoppe explains the petition (see details here) is "for anyone to sign whether you are military, DoD civilian, or a concerned citizen of the United States of America who believes in the rule of law and the statutory protections provided by the Constitution which so many of us have sworn to defend against all enemies, foreign and domestic."

The target date to send the request to Congress is also September 1. At the time of publication, there were over 500 signatures.

The Pentagon did not return an inquiry from American Family News.