Unvaxxed sailors awaiting separation describe horrid living conditions

Unvaxxed sailors awaiting separation describe horrid living conditions

Unvaxxed sailors awaiting separation describe horrid living conditions

Leaky sewage, moldy walls, and “deplorable” living conditions: U.S. sailors allege they are being punished by their own country for refusing the COVID-19 vaccine, and a law firm representing them is hoping a federal court will agree.

According to sworn testimony in a class-action lawsuit, sailors who are facing “separation” for refusing the Jab say they been moved into dirty and unhealthy living conditions. One of those sailors is on the aircraft carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower.

“There is some sort of worm thriving in the stagnant water in the toilet bowls and on the floor in the leaked water around the base of the toilets,” one sailor wrote in a court declaration.  

The sad and sickening testimony from sailors was submitted to a federal court earlier this summer as part of the lawsuit brought by First Liberty Institute. The religious liberty law firm is representing sailors asking for a religious exemption from commanders who refuse to grant it.

The lawsuit began with 35 active-duty SEALS and three reservists, and the case was amended to a class-action lawsuit to cover all Navy personnel, Fox News reported.

Berry, Michael (First Liberty) Berry

First Liberty attorney Mike Berry tells AFN photos of the living conditions were submitted to the court to support the claim the Navy is continuing to “harass, intimidate and punish” the non-complying sailors. Anyone who sees the photos, and learns about the living conditions, he says, should be “justifiably outraged” by the treatment sailors are enduring even after serving their country in a military uniform.

“So our hope is that the court will see these photos, that they will be as outraged as everybody else is,” Berry says, “and that they will issue an appropriate ruling telling the Navy they have to knock this off."

Lippold, Kirk (Cmdr, USN-Ret.) Lippold

Reacting to the accusations of mistreatment, former U.S. Navy commander Kirk Lippold says an entire chain of command should be fired if it is determined the sailors were put in terrible conditions as punishment.

"There is no reason for sailors - stateside - to have to live in these deplorable conditions," he tells AFN. "And it really is a reflection on leadership."