Military whistleblowers challenge DOJ's testimony on vaccine availability

Military whistleblowers challenge DOJ's testimony on vaccine availability

Military whistleblowers challenge DOJ's testimony on vaccine availability

Pointing to a newly leaked document, service members continue to accuse the U.S. military of pushing a COVID-19 vaccine in 2022 that didn't exist at the time they said it did.

In a recent interview with The Epoch Times, an active-duty Air Force member with nearly 15 years of service stated that "for a period of nine months, the Comirnaty vaccine wasn't able to be ordered even though its existence was necessary to legally justify the mandate."

Sergeant "Daniel LeMay" (a pseudonym) emphasized that his views do not reflect those of the Department of Defense or the Department of the Air Force. He spoke under a pseudonym for fear of reprisals and provided a copy of the Army's Medical Material Quality Control Message (MMQC-22-1268).

"The [May 25, 2022] document itself represents the first-time ordering instructions for Comirnaty were issued," LeMay shared. "And as Fort Detrick is the central node for all distribution, there's no reason to believe it was circulating through other channels."

At the time, according to LeMay, service members were being told that an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) vaccine and licensed vaccine were interchangeable. "How can two things be interchangeable if one of them doesn't exist?" he wondered.

A case filed before the date on the leaked document corroborates his claim. The May 20, 2022 filing in Coker v. Austin stated that "while [plaintiffs] may believe that FDA-approved vaccines are 'not available,' the Comirnaty-labeled vaccine is in fact available for DoD to order as of today's date."

As LeMay explained to The Epoch Times, "if the Comirnaty-labeled vaccine wasn't available to order until five days later on May 25, the Department of Justice lied under oath in court. [MMQC-22-1268] was the first set of ordering instructions."

Question of interchangeability

"For now, the mismatched dates are the most important piece," LeMay explains during an interview with American Family News. "Secondary to that is how the [vaccine] formulation was changed, [because] it's explicit on the document that Comirnaty is defined as a new formulation.

"Changing the formulation stops two things from happening," he continues. "It terminates stage three trials for the original formulation as a different product is being tested; and it would legally necessitate a new round of approvals to use it.

"Furthermore, as this is a new formulation," LeMay points out, "it is certainly not interchangeable, as the grounds for that statement were based on both formulations having identical ingredients."

A vaccine with full FDA approval and licensure was never offered to service members, he adds. "Propped up by lies in court, these incidents serve as evidence of illegal activity with a willingness to try to cover it up," he argues.

Zero accountability for their lies

Army 1st Lt. Mark Bashaw was booted from the Army after mandate rescission for fulfilling his health official duties about the harm of the EUA products as a whistleblower. Referring to LeMay's allegations, he tells American Family News "the confidential source is absolutely correct, further confirming allegations made against the DOD over a year ago."

Bashaw was removed from service on June 26, 2023, for submitting protected communications to his Chain of Command at the Defense Centers Public Health-Aberdeen (formerly known as Army Public Health Center) that were contrary to the "safe and effective" parroting of the COVID-19 vaccine by the executive branch, military flag officers, and medical community.

Additionally, he refused to comply with the experimental COVID-19 masking, testing, and injections.

On August 18, 2022, Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) sent a letter based on LT Bashaw's and LT Chad Coppin's whistleblower data to DOD Secretary Lloyd Austin, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Commissioner Robert Califf, and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Director Rochelle Walensky. In the letter, the senator raised concerns about mislabeling and unauthorized manufacturing connected to COVID-19 vaccines.

As disclosed in Sen. Johnson's inquiry, Bashaw found that the lot number containing Comirnaty vials matched lot numbers for EUA vaccine on a CDC database. Sen. Johnson's office confirmed that these concerns remain unanswered.

Bashaw, 1LT Mark Bashaw

"It was a bait-and-switch," Bashaw suggests. "They never had the intention to offer service members an FDA-approved and licensed product."

What's more, he contends, "they want on to try to cover it up, as Sgt. LeMay pointed out in his discovery of the MMQC-22-1268 document." He adds: "The DOJ completely lied in court and under oath, because the product was not available when they claimed." Five days later the alleged Comirnaty-labeled product was available for order.

Bashaw argues that from the very beginning, an FDA-approved and licensed product was never available for service members. That "fraud" was initially pointed out in the Joint Whistleblower Report that nine Senior Officers from each branch signed on August 15, 2022. "[Sgt. LeMay] further confirms what we already knew," he adds.

Bashaw wonders if the DOD will try this again soon.

"Are they going to try and conduct another bait-and-switch with an unapproved 'vaccine' to get the public to participate with an experimental EUA, while thinking [the public] is getting an approved product, so the manufacturers, government, medical community, et al. attempt to maintain liability immunities?" he asks.

Additionally, Bashaw says, "regardless of EUA versus FDA approval, the irrational need for a 'vaccine' was initiated by the 'case rate' pandemonium created by the experimental EUA PCR test and rapid antigen test kits that have an immensely high false-positive rate."

As far as Bashaw is concerned, "it's all fraud and a psychological operation against the people on a scale never been seen before. We are witnessing crimes against humanity.

"Despite such clear wrongdoing, there has been zero accountability – and those who sacrificed to bring truth are the only ones who have been punished."