As liberal as ever

As liberal as ever

As liberal as ever

A family advocate says Governor Tony Evers (D) is really the only person preventing lawmakers from protecting kids in her state.

The Wisconsin Legislature has approved and sent to Gov. Evers a bill that would keep minors from receiving gender manipulation procedures, including surgical mutilation.

Julaine Appling of Wisconsin Family Action points out that so-called "gender-affirming treatments" are irreversible, but gender dysphoria often goes away with time.

Appling, Juliane (Wisconsin Family Council) Appling

"These confused young people need compassion. They need people they can trust to talk with them," she contends. "They do not need medical intervention that destroys healthy body parts, interrupts a natural biological process of puberty, and causes lifelong issues for that young person."

The Wisconsin Assembly has also passed three bills keeping males off females' sports teams. The Senate has yet to schedule those for final votes.

Democrats and other bill opponents, however, argue that such bans add to kids' mental health challenges, and Gov. Evers has made it clear that he will veto any proposals meant to protect gender-confused young people.

And as nice as it would be to see lawmakers override his veto, Appling knows that is presently an unrealistic dream.

"The Assembly does not have a veto-proof majority. The Senate does, but it takes both houses," she explains. "So, we can dream, but it's not going to turn into reality."

Until 2026, Evers will remain governor of Wisconsin, where liberals won a majority on the state Supreme Court in the last election.