Defeated 'Contraception Act' shows Dems' disregard for Constitution

Defeated 'Contraception Act' shows Dems' disregard for Constitution

Defeated 'Contraception Act' shows Dems' disregard for Constitution

The Senate has put a stop to the Democrats' effort to enshrine the "right" to contraception into federal law.

Though the House had approved the measure, Senator Joni Ernst (R-Iowa) determined the Democrats' Right to Contraception Act "purposefully goes far beyond the scope of contraception" and saw that it could fund abortion providers and protect abortion-inducing drugs. She objected to a request to pass the bill via unanimous consent.

Yahoo! explains that if any senator opposes such a request on the Senate floor, then it is rejected.

Bomberger, Ryan (Radiance Foundation) Bomberger

Ryan Bomberger of the Radiance Foundation says Democrats' activism was showing through their "ridiculous" assertions. They lied about the safety of abortifacients and contraception and sought to eliminate parental rights.

"We already see that in California, where kids can be taken off of school campuses … and be treated for STDs or be given any kind of contraception without a parent even being notified," Bomberger notes.

Had the act passed, contraception would have been sold over the counter, which would have given child molesters or human traffickers clearance to further victimize minors.

The measure also lacked conscience protections.

"So a Catholic hospital system, for instance, would be forced to provide contraceptives and abortifacients like IUDs, Ella One, [and] Plan B," Bomberger explains. "This is all the federal government overstepping so far beyond what the Constitution allows, but this is what the Democrat Party does. They have no regard for the Constitution."

96% of House Republicans voted against the measure before it was sent to the Senate.