Pro-choice isn't really

Pro-choice isn't really

Pro-choice isn't really

Pharmacists throughout the country are wondering if they have any conscience rights left.

When President Trump was in office, he issued an executive order protecting the religious and conscience rights of medical professionals, saying they do not have to provide services that violate their convictions. The Biden administration, however, has told pharmacists they must provide customers with all prescribed medications that are legal, including abortion-causing drugs.

Dr. Frank Nice, a pharmacist in Maryland and a spokesman for Pharmacists for Life, tells AFN abortion advocates describe themselves as pro-choice and want that respected.

Nice, Dr. Frank (PFLI) Nice

"Yet when it comes to healthcare professionals like pharmacists, all of a sudden we're not pro-choice; we can't make that choice whether to dispense a medication or not," he continues. "So it's like the complete opposite to their philosophical position for supporting abortion, but not for supporting a pharmacist to make a choice."

Dr. Nice adds, though, that there is a key to fighting it.

"We need to get other people … putting this on the table alongside the abortion issue, because it's intimately involved with it," he submits. "There's pharmacists out there actually being challenged and potentially losing their licenses or getting fired."

Though the press generally supports the administration's move, Dr. Nice hopes pharmacists will gain a voice in the matter.