McCarthy mentions 'impeachment' but half the country doesn't know about 'big guy' or shell companies

McCarthy mentions 'impeachment' but half the country doesn't know about 'big guy' or shell companies

McCarthy mentions 'impeachment' but half the country doesn't know about 'big guy' or shell companies

Liberal media outlets often reveal their bias beyond the headlines by avoiding some issues altogether, and the Biden bribery scandal unfolding right now is a sad but fitting example of it.

By now, at least among conservatives, the allegation “the big guy” is Joe Biden who gets 10% of Hunter Biden’s overseas business deals is scandalous news. In more recent months, now that Republicans retook the House, a GOP-led committee announced in May that bank records show $10 million flowed through 20 overseas shell companies and landed in the bank accounts of nine Biden family members. That movement of money from unscrupulous, wealthy businessmen is a textbook example of money laundering but Democrats sat on the damning bank records for years.

And there is even more. An FBI informant document was released alleging a Ukrainian businessman gave the Biden father and son $5 million each, and IRS whistleblowers are describing a political coverup in which they were punished for speaking out and not playing along while their bosses protected Hunter Biden.

Graham, Tim (MRC) Graham

Tim Graham, of the Media Research Center, tells AFN the Biden family allegations are getting “very serious” now that congressional Republicans are pursuing the truth and right-leaning news outlets are reporting their findings.

“And the news media's reaction is to try to not touch it at all,” he observes.

When a Republican is president and a scandal breaks, Graham says, MRC documents what he calls “bias by commission,” which is when the news media crazily jumps all over the accusations but leaves little room for a defense or denial to balance the story. 

When a Democrat is president, he says, the media commits “bias by omission” by leaving out standard facts and jumps straight to the denial.

The once-respected Associated Press gave an example of “bias by omission” in May. When Republicans held their press conference to describe the money-laundering allegations, the AP story did not make it clear the allegation was made at a press conference with placards describing the flow of money. The story briefly quoted only one Republican who spoke, committee chairman James Comer, and it wasn’t even clear in the story he made his comments at a press conference.

Even worse, the AP story said the GOP lawmakers were making accusations “without evidence” – as if bank records and fake companies are not evidence.

Meanwhile, the pressure is building for House Speaker Kevin McCarthy to at least whisper the word “impeachment” in public.

"What I've said is, if they withhold information, the impeachment inquiry allows Congress to have the apex of power to get all the information they need,” he told Fox News this week.

All of the information the public is learning now is because Republicans have investigated, McCarthy also said, but what was left unsaid is much of the public isn’t learning those details in left-wing news outlets.

"They are gonna try to indict a father for loving his son, who has been addicted to drugs and/or alcohol," Claire McCaskill, referring to Republicans, told MSBNC this week. "And without evidence of the father doing anything other than loving that son." 

Back in the May press conference, Rep. Byron Donalds (R-FL) all but pleaded with the news media to pay attention to the scandalous allegations right in front of them.

"Guys, you in the press, this is easy pickings," Donalds said. "I'm giving you Pulitzer [Prize] stuff here."