Fox News outed and shamed for charity choices

Fox News outed and shamed for charity choices

Fox News outed and shamed for charity choices

Fox News has been outed for a charity-matching program that is sending funds to the discredited Southern Poverty Law Center and even the Satanic Temple.

Rikki Ratliff-Fellman, a former Fox employee now at The Blaze, says she watched a current Fox employees use the “Fox Giving” app that allows employees to choose a charity of their choice. Fox News matches those donations up to $1,000 annually, which means the powerful conservative news outlet is giving to left-wing groups that hate it.

“If there’s any Fox staffers that are, you know, in the mood to donate to a terrible cause like the Satanic Temple, [they] can do that, and Fox can match that up to 100%,” Ratliff-Fellman explained to Glenn Beck on his Blaze show.

The charity-matching program was also noticed by Eric Boling, the former “The Five” co-host. In his podcast, Boling said one of the charities on the list is Trevor Project, an LGBT-rights group that pushes transgender mutilation surgery.

“Fox has lost their way,” he concluded.

Boling told his audience that Franklin Graham’s charity, Samaritan’s Purse, was not on the charity list but then suddenly appeared on it when Fox executives learned its list had gone public.  

Back on his Blaze program, Glenn Beck concluded the reason Fox News is giving its money to left-wing causes is because the network – behind the scenes, in the most important offices – is overseen by liberals.

“I’m not talking about the people on the air,” Beck said, “but the people who are now running it are not the friends of our Constitution and our God, I believe.”