Evidence of corruption suggests Joe Biden a compromised president, watchdog group says

Evidence of corruption suggests Joe Biden a compromised president, watchdog group says

Evidence of corruption suggests Joe Biden a compromised president, watchdog group says

At the same time IRS whistleblowers were describing a cover-up to protect the Biden family, a watchdog group said this week the evidence keeps growing that our current president is a corrupt politician been compromised by China.

Government Accountability Institute, a conservative think tank, has tracked the U.S.-China relationship for more than a decade. That is why Seamus Bruner, the group’s director of research, says with certainty President Joe Biden is compromise and on the take.

“One hundred percent without a doubt,” Seamus Bruner told show host Tony Perkins.

Further evidence was made public late Thursday when Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) released an FBI document, form 1023, containing allegations Joe Biden and son Hunter Biden are involved in a bribery scheme involving foreign nationals.

According to the document, an informant described a 2016 meeting where Mykola Zlochevsky, the CEO of Ukrainian energy company Burisma, claimed that he had made two $5 million payments to “the Bidens.”

“It costs $5 (million) to pay one Biden and $5 (million) to another Biden,” Zlochevsky told the FBI informant at a 2016 meeting at a coffee shop in Vienna, according to the document.

The public now knows Hunter Biden was given a seat on the board of directors at Burisma in what appears to be an obvious reward for his last name and his influence on the then-vice president, his father.

That informant and FBI source behind the 1023 document is described as a Ukrainian-American who has passed credible information to the FBI for more than a decade, according to a New York Post story about the 1023 FBI document. The informant allegedly had four conversations with the Burisma oligarch from 2015 to a 2019. 

Grassley has deflected FBI criticism for releasing the document by saying “legally protected disclosures by Justice Department whistleblowers” allowed him to release the document himself.

A dirty allegation about Clean Energy 

The informant's allegations of $10 million in bribe money is just one example of what Republican lawmakers say is a multi-million dollar scandal that involves the president, Hunter Biden, and even other Biden family members. In May, House Republicans said bank records - which Democrats had sat on while in power - showed $7 million in overseas money flowed through fake "shell" companies to seven Biden family members. 

The allegations have received little coverage from legacy media or are dismissed as a "witch hunt" or "Republican politics" when the topic is discussed. This week, CNN and MSNBC aired 25 minutes of combined coverage after a six-hour hearing that featured IRS whistleblowers, according to media watchdog Media Research Center. 

In that hearing, IRS agent Gary Shapley testified that a 2017 email from Hunter Biden business associate James Gilliar outlined a “provisional agreement” with the Clean Energy Finance Corporation, a Chinese energy company. The email included a line that said “10 held by H for the big guy.”

According to CBS, it was told by two former Hunter Biden associates – who received the email message – that line was shorthand for 10% held by Hunter Biden for his father.

Bruner says two Hunter Biden associates, Tony Bobulinski and Rob Walker, have testified about the CEFC deal and how much they could profit from it.

CEFC, Bruner says, has direct ties to Chinese intelligence as high as the vice minister of state security. He says Biden met personally with CEFC leadership.

“Walker, this Biden business associate, also testified that Joe Biden would show up at a meeting with the CEFC executives, and the CEFC executives are the guys tied to the highest levels of Chinese intelligence," Bruner said. "So when Joe Biden said for years, and he still says it kind of to this day, ‘I never talked business with my son Hunter, never met with his business associates,’ it’s a flat-out lie." 

Bruner compared the emerging Biden scandal to allegations that former president Donald Trump was involved with Russian prostitutes.

“That turned out to be totally false, but the implication of that was, ‘Well, Vladimir Putin is holding onto these tapes, and therefore Donald Trump will act as his puppet.’ Again, that was a false story," he said. "Now Chinese Community Party operatives have these very true, very real details confirmed by multiple whistleblowers and agencies that is a form of leverage over the president of the United States that cannot be ignored,” he said.

“Just think about how a conversation with President Xi Jinping could go. ‘Would you like us to release the wire transfers showing there’s even more money your son took from our operatives? That’s a defacto compromise over the president of the United States,” Bruner warned. 

Hunter paying Joe’s bills

The China angle is so shocking that it makes other Biden family corruption findings pale by comparison.

The Government Accountability Institute also unearthed records showing Hunter Biden for years on end paid his father’s living expenses, figures that piled one on top of another reached hundreds of thousands of dollars and probably more.

“One of the bills we found was an AT&T bill, about $250 a month, (Joe Biden’s) cell phone bill. This is an undisclosed line. Hunter in one of the text messages on the laptop says, ‘I’ve been paying my father’s cell phone bill for 11 years,’” Bruner said.

Some of the bills were paid by Hunter Biden’s business, Rosemont Security, an investment firm founded in 2009 by Hunter Biden and two others.

“Rosemont Seneca is the business that took a lot of the Chinese and Ukrainian money. We totaled it up for 11 years, $250 a month, that’s over $25,000. That’s just one of the bills," Bruner said. "Then you’ve got home repair, landscaping, paying for one of Joe’s mansions. That’s another big question we need to get to the bottom of. How does a public servant afford multiple mansions, one in Wilmington then he’s got the beach house, and they’ve got another beach house, the Biden family, down in the (Florida) Keys.”