Sutton: Protesters got rich while police got hurt

Sutton: Protesters got rich while police got hurt

Sutton: Protesters got rich while police got hurt

The jury in a federal court has awarded millions of dollars to protesters who were hurt by Denver police while protesting George Floyd's death in 2020 but a law enforcement advocate is pointing the blame at cities led by far-left, police-hating politicians.

Denver was one of many cities that saw massive –and often violent – protests on the heels of Floyd’s death. Protests that were mostly peaceful during the day turned violent when the sun went down, and several police officers were injured by protesters hurling rocks, water bottled and canned food.

Police used less-than-lethal force in response to protesters, and several protesters who were injured sued the city.

Last week, a jury found police used excessive force and awarded a group of 12 protesters $14 million.

Responding to that jury decision, Randy Sutton of The Wounded Blue says it feels like we are living in an upside-down dystopia when police are blamed for injuring the people who were attacking them.

“The fact that this was a jury award is particularly upsetting,” he observes, “but remember this: The prosecutors putting forth these cases have a great deal of control of what this narrative is.”

Sutton, Lt. Randy Sutton

AFN reported in a February story that prosecutors in numerous large U.S. cities are shrugging off crime but going after police officers, and all of them have a similar history: campaign contributions from George Soros, the shadowy billionaire.  

Sure enough, Soros was involving himself – and his money – in a Colorado district attorney races as far back as 2016, The Denver Post reported at the time.

Not only is the Denver verdict a travesty of justice, Sutton tells AFN, it puts law enforcement around the country in real danger.

"It is also literally throwing down the green flag for, Go ahead and attack the police anytime you want."