What they mean when they say 'normalize gender inclusivity'

What they mean when they say 'normalize gender inclusivity'

What they mean when they say 'normalize gender inclusivity'

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) efforts continue to seep into every single field of study in higher education.

Texas A&M University, has made headlines recently for its leftist hires, its ties to terrorism, and for planning to restrict responsiveness to public records requests.

Now, its engineering students are reportedly required to take a technical writing course that teaches them about email etiquette, including the use of gender identifying pronouns.

"If you do not know the recipient personally, never use titles such as Mrs., Ms., or Mr. as you cannot assume gender, marital status, or profession," reads a chapter of one of the course readings. "If the gender of a person and/or their personal pronoun use are not known, use their entire name like this: 'Dear Sam Jones.'"

Lamb, Matt (The College Fix) Lamb

"Business communication and writing professional emails is a great skill to teach," Matt Lamb, associate editor of The College Fix begins. "The problem with these materials is that the goal is to – quote – 'normalize gender inclusivity.' What they're basically talking about is normalizing transgenderism, which is problematic."

Students are also instructed to be mindful of their audience and are encouraged to use their own "gender identifying pronouns" when closing their emails.

Those who identify as transgender or nonbinary, however "are not obligated to do so if [they] find this transparency uncomfortable or risky."

"There might be times when people don't really want to know your personal pronouns," Lamb argues. "If you're an engineering student emailing another engineering student, I can't imagine why someone would need to know your pronouns."

Meanwhile, the University of Connecticut is using a $3 million donation to hire a new engineering professor focused on "inclusion."

"The donor specifically said the goal is to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion," Lamb relays. "This is part of a push to put DEI, anti-racism, wokeness – whatever you want to call it – into every single field."

He advises college students about to graduate to just grin and bear the instruction and for parents of future students to be very selective and proactive when choosing a school to avoid this kind of instruction.