NYU job ad: Earn big bucks to make social justice social workers

NYU job ad: Earn big bucks to make social justice social workers

NYU job ad: Earn big bucks to make social justice social workers

If you’re a college professor looking for a new job with good pay, and you’re an expert on teaching white guilt and intersectionality to race-obsessed college students, New York University might have a job for you.

NYU is seeking a professor of social work, a tenured position, for its Silver School of Social Work, according to the job description posted online.

The 90-word job description, first reported in a Campus Reform story, is chocked full of left-wing buzzwords, such as “racism” and “inequity” in the health care field. The right candidate for the job should also care about the “well-being of historically marginalized groups,” a reference to mistreated minorities, the job ad states.

The pay for the nine-month position is pretty good: a base pay of $175,000 annually, up to $275,000, to lecture future social workers about the terrible and unjust society that awaits them.

The Silver School of Social Work, meanwhile, is graduating literal social justice warriors, which is no exaggeration. On its own website, NYU states it is "renowned" for a “dedication to social justice.”

Lena Branch, a Campus Reform correspondent, tells AFN the NYU job opening is part of a national “hiring trend” the education watchdog has noticed.

“At Yale University,” Branch recalls, “they actually posted a job listing for a professor who had studied ‘African dysphoric, queer and feminist activism, and trans-national feminist and queer studies.’”

That story, published last summer by Campus Reform, described the search for a “Global Black and African Diaspora Studies” professor at the once-great Ivy League school.  

Branch, Lena (Campus Reform) Branch

Ordinary people “have no idea what those fields mean,” Branch says, but the sons and daughters of ordinary people are being indoctrinated with Marxist beliefs about oppressors and the oppressed, she says.

"We're seeing 50% percent of young Americans are not educated about the Holocaust, and don't possess soft skills to hold down a job,” Branch warns. “And so these classes, and this academic jargon, don't give students the fundamental skills they need to excel
academically or professionally."

Branch was referring to an Economist poll published in December that found 20% of young adults, one in five, believes the Jewish Holocaust is a “myth” or has been “exaggerated.” Another 30% were unsure about the “myth” claim.