Texas A&M's ties to terrorism

Texas A&M's ties to terrorism

Texas A&M's ties to terrorism

A research organization committed to fighting antisemitism is concerned about an American university's relationship with a Muslim foundation overseas.

In July 2019, Charles Asher Small's Institute for the Study of Global Ansitemitism & Policy (ISGAP) presented to the Department of Justice (DOJ) the "alarming" findings of "Follow the Money," a research project started in 2012 exposing Qatar's unreported and unregulated billions in funding going to Texas A&M University and other places of higher education.

Small, Charles Asher (ISGAP) Small

"We found a contract between the Qatar Foundation, or the Qatari regime, and Texas A&M," Small relays. "This is a government entity entering into an agreement with Texas A&M."

ISGAP's research, which led to the launch of a federal government investigation in 2019, found that Qatar and Texas A&M are involved in more than 500 research projects together.

Small reasons that "if we found 502 research projects, there's a good possibility that there are more."

"All of the intellectual property of these projects are owned by Qatar," he adds. "We find that disturbing."

Though the president of Texas A&M has denied the university's involvement in nuclear research, the ISGAP director says he would be "happy to state on the record that there is some research on nuclear energy and there are some projects that could have military implications."

"The Qatari regime, the royal family has a, in Islam it's called the Bayʿah, which is a spiritual agreement with the Muslim Brotherhood," Small explains. "So, the regime adheres to all the edicts and thought laws of the Muslim Brotherhood. And the Muslim Brotherhood, as we know, it's anti-democratic. It's anti-American."

Noting the explosion of antisemitism at universities across the nation after the terror attacks on Israel in October, he points out that these institutions produce tomorrow's leaders. So, he finds it very concerning that U.S. colleges are in league with Muslim terrorists.