After refusing change of pace, libraries start changing their tune

After refusing change of pace, libraries start changing their tune

After refusing change of pace, libraries start changing their tune

With talk of legal action, Christian evangelist and actor Kirk Cameron will now be allowed to hold a story hour at two public libraries that had previously denied him access because of his book's content.

AFN has reported that the "Lifemark" and "Fireproof" actor had applied for a room to read his children's book, "As You Grow," to kids at roughly 50 public libraries that he knew had hosted drag queens. Every one of them denied his request.

"It was things like, 'Our messaging does not align' [and,] 'We're queer-friendly, so you can fill out a form and reserve some space, but we're not going to run your program at our library,'" he told CBN News.

Though many of the libraries promote inclusion and diversity, Cameron's picture book celebrating family, faith, and biblical wisdom did not initially make the cut. But libraries in Indianapolis, Indiana and Scarsdale, New York changed their minds when Cameron started considering legal action.

Dr. Richard Land, president emeritus at Southern Evangelical Seminary, says lawsuits against the other 48+ libraries are still a possibility, and he is confident Cameron would win if those cases hit the courts.

Land, Dr. Richard Land

"At the very least, it's equal access," he asserts. "You can't single out religion for discrimination. You can't say, 'Well, we could have lewd, totally inappropriate material being presented by drag queens to children, but we're going to censor religious content.'"

Land submits that wokeness and political correctness have brought shame to the United States.

"The moral compass of the country has been demagnetized," he says. "That's what happens when there are no absolutes except that there are no absolutes. We're fighting a rearguard action, trying to minimize the damage until there's a spiritual revival, because without a spiritual revival, the country is lost."

Without the Holy Spirit, Land concludes there is no hope for America.