Libraries on board with 'drag queen' for kids … but biblical wisdom? Nah!

Libraries on board with 'drag queen' for kids … but biblical wisdom? Nah!

Libraries on board with 'drag queen' for kids … but biblical wisdom? Nah!

Dozens of public libraries across America are rejecting a book written by movie star and producer Kirk Cameron. The problem, say those libraries, is the book promotes biblical values.

"As You Grow" is the title of Cameron's book for young children, published by Brave Books. It celebrates family, faith, and biblical wisdom – and challenges the distortions and lies of a "woke" culture. AFN spoke with Trent Talbot, president of Brave Books, who explained that Cameron had the idea of going to libraries and conducting story hours and reading his book to children.

"So, we reached out to the libraries across the country – including 54 libraries that [promoted] 'drag queen' story hours – and … none of them would allow Kirk Cameron to come and do a story hour at their library," Talbot reports. "Either they didn't reply, or if they did reply they said No our values don't align with that."

Specific responses included: "No, we will pass on having you run a program in our space." [We are a] "very queer-friendly library; our messaging does not align." And "You can fill out the form to reserve space, to run the program in our space – but we won't run your program."

According to the publisher, it wasn't the book or the author – it was the Christian content.

"It teaches biblical wisdom through the different seasons of life, and it's just a sweet little picture book," he adds, pointing out the libraries don't "get too riled up" about different viewpoints on archeology or geology, for example.

"But they do not like the Bible … and they do not like Christ," he states.

As Fox News points out, some library programs promote "gender fluidity," inclusion and diversity, and even "name change" clinics for individuals who are seeking instructions on how to alter their official paperwork to reflect that. However, Cameron (pictured above) reported to Fox that since news broke of his rejections, parents and other librarians have been contacting him and his publisher to arrange for appearances where he can read his book to children.