Hard to ignore the effort to pretend de-trans not 'real thing'

Hard to ignore the effort to pretend de-trans not 'real thing'

Hard to ignore the effort to pretend de-trans not 'real thing'

The transgender movement has achieved a cult-like status in academia, medicine, politics, and entertainment, where its apologists expect conformity and punish dissent, so the pushback that is happening right now faces an uphill battle.

In an eye-opening story at The Washington Stand, senior editor Dan Hart names and describes the stories of 20 “de-transitioners” who are speaking out about their difficult journeys. In many of those stories, a young person facing depression, bullying, and sexual abuse tried to find help in a new body and a new name with puberty blockers and surgery.

The “de-transition” movement is being ignored by the mainstream media, Hart writes, but it can’t be ignored for long when the rate of de-transition for trans people is averaging 30%.

Peter LeBarbera of Americans for Truth tells AFN the transgender movement is a “rebellion” against God’s design for male and female, which is why it is failing.

“That's not going to bring lasting happiness to people,” he insists.

Chloe Cole Cole

AFN reported this week on Chloe Cole, an 18-year-old young lady who blames adults for wooing her to take puberty blockers at age 13. She then underwent a double mastectomy at age 15.

A second AFN story, also published this week, describes how an adult transgender-affirming activist named Jessie Pocock claimed she had never even heard of de-transitioners.

“… I've been in this work a long time,” she told a congressional hearing. “I know a lot of trans folks, close friends, family members – and I've just never heard of a case of anyone de-transitioning. So, I honestly don't think it's a real thing."

“This is going to be a decades-long project to correct all the lives of not just the transgender movement but the homosexual, bisexual, polyamorous, all the various false identities,” LaBarbera says. “We have to re-educate the public because they've been lied to in so many ways.”