String of doc deaths keep Jab skeptics and apologists busy

String of doc deaths keep Jab skeptics and apologists busy

String of doc deaths keep Jab skeptics and apologists busy

A hospital system in Canada has been pulled into ongoing controversy over the COVID-19 shot after three of its doctors passed away one after another, and a skeptic of the so-called “clot shot” says the public has every right to be skeptical and to question the claims of a safe shot after a history of falsehoods, half-truths, and backpedaling.

Trillium Health Partners, based in Ontario, witnessed three prominent physicians pass away within days of each during a single week in July. Hours after their deaths were announced, the vaccine-touting health system found itself mentioned in online headlines that suggested all three had died after being forced to get a fourth “booster” shot.

That questionable claim was based on an anonymous journalist named "Monique," who cited an unnamed Trillium nurse, but it went viral anyway. Trillium, however, said in a statement the Internet rumors were “simply not true” regarding the COVID-19 vaccine.

Despite the bizarre timing and inevitable questions, Trillium had failed to disclose that Dr. Lorne Segall and Dr. Jakub Sawicki had being fighting cancer at the time of their passing. Internet sleuths eventually found an obituary for Segall, who was fighting lung cancer, and a GoFundMe page for Sawiki, who was fighting Stage 4 gastric cancer.

The cause of death for Dr. Stephen McKenzie, a neurologist, was not disclosed but his medical office told Canada’s news media he had been “seriously ill” before he passed away.

After the hospital system belatedly cleared up the rumors and accusations, The Associated Press and Reuters published fact-checking articles to dispute the Internet, too. The story by the famously biased AP called the claims “baseless” for suggesting the “safe and effective” shot was the cause of three deaths.

According to radio show host Janet Mefferd, skeptics have plenty of reasons to question the “officials and experts” cited by the AP.

“Doctors are reporting to medical journals,” she tells AFN, “the potential association between the COVID mRNA vaccine and facial palsy, along with diabetes, hormone deficiencies, muscle pains and wasting.”

It is true the public was assured by those same experts the COVID-19 shot would prevent illness from the China-born virus only for the Centers for Disease Control to admit the potency dies off quickly. So the CDC was forced to massage its language and pivot from “fully vaccinated” to “up to date” regarding a booster shot and then a second one.

Women who got the COVID-19 shot complained about terrible menstrual problems, which in turn affects fertility, and that concern was ridiculed and dismissed only to be confirmed as a documented side effect months later.

Mefferd, Janet Mefferd

In a February story, now six months ago, AFN reported that a research scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology urged parents to avoid scheduling their children for a COVID-19 shot over "safety concerns" from putting the experimental shot in a child's body.

Back in Canada, at the same time Trillium was mourning the loss of three physicians, pediatric physician Dr. Candace Nayman, 27, collapsed while competing in a July 24 triathlon. She died four days later and her cause of death has not been reported.

And there was even one more: Dr. Paul Hannam, a marathon runner, died while running July 18. He was 50. 

According to the hospitals that employed Nayman and Hannam, their deaths were not related to The Jab.

According to Mefferd, one day in the future Big Pharma, government officials, and the media will be held accountable for covering up a terrible medical scandal that harmed an untold number of people.