Unborn Child Support Act unfortunately necessary

Unborn Child Support Act unfortunately necessary

Unborn Child Support Act unfortunately necessary

Taking steps to support pregnant moms and families, legislators have introduced a bill that would require dads to step up and provide for their children at the moment of conception.


TJ Burgess of Men for Life -- America's only consistently pro-life organization focused on the inclusion of men in human rights discussions, including the conversation of abortion -- says Congressman Mike Johnson (R) of Louisiana has introduced a bill titled the Unborn Child Support Act, which gives moms the option to receive child support payments from the child's father before the baby is born.

Burgess, TJ (Men for Life) Burgess

"Men have an equal role in the creation of the new, distinct human life that is in the womb during a pregnancy," says Burgess. "We are certainly in support of this bill and are thankful for Congressman Mike Johnson's leadership in championing this bill in Congress for this term."

The measure makes men responsible for the entirety of their child's life, not just after they are born. Since the mother begins supporting her child at conception, supporters of Johnson's proposal believe that is the also the point at which the mother should be able to begin collecting financial assistance from the father.

"It is unfortunate that child support in the womb and outside is a necessity in law, but nonetheless, it's important that it is in order to protect the mother, protect her child, and ensure that they have the means in order to have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy life for their child," Burgess submits.

Pro-abortion members of Congress are unlikely to agree with it, though, because supporting the measure would mean they would have to recognize that life beings at conception.

A recent poll from the Bucknell Institute for Public Policy shows popular support for child support payments to begin at conception.

Senators James Lankford (R-OK) and Kevin Cramer (R-ND) joined Rep. Johnson (R-LA) and their colleagues to introduce the Unborn Child Support Act.