Medical experts reach same conclusion, for different reasons, about The Jab

Medical experts reach same conclusion, for different reasons, about The Jab

Medical experts reach same conclusion, for different reasons, about The Jab

The controversial COVID-19 vaccine is facing more and more criticism and so are the unlawful rules demanding unwilling people get it to keep a job, enter a restaurant, and even go to school.

In an appearance on Fox News, Dr. Joel Zinberg of the Competitive Enterprise Institute said the justification for so-called vaccine mandates has disappeared during the Omicron surge.

"We justified mandates for two reasons primarily,” he said on the "Fox and Friends" program. "One was we wanted to protect other people on the theory that even if unvaccinated people are willing to risk their own lives, they should not be able to pose a risk to others by getting infected and infecting someone else."

Zinberg, Joel Zinberg

Secondly, Zinberg said there was concern hospital beds would be filled to capacity by COVID-positive patients who needed hospital care. That prediction was behind the “flatten the curve” push which many have pointed out was supposed to literally be for two weeks of closed businesses and emptied schools.

In the T.V. interview, Zinberg went on to insist the COVID-19 vaccine was effective at interrupting the spread of the highly-contagious virus but he also said the highly-praised shot became less effective as the virus mutated into new strains.

Zinberg’s praise for the vaccine won’t find much agreement from activist Sharon McKeeman, who started the “Let Them Breathe” campaign that demanded schools let children attend class without a mask. A second grassroots campaign called “Let Them Choose” came later and defended children from being forced to get The Jab.

“We know that we’re seeing much higher incidents of myocarditis than should be happening with this vaccine,” McKeeman says, referring to the heart condition showing up in vaccinated children and teens, especially males. “And we don’t know what other harms could be happening to our kids,” she tells AFN, “because there’s no long-term studies.”

McKeeman, Sharon (founder, Let Them Breathe) McKeeman

McKeeman says she was grateful to see Dr. Stephanie Seneff, a research scientist from the respected Massachusetts Institute of Technology, conclude that children should not be rolling up a sleeve for The Jab.  Seneff co-authored an article in the peer-reviewed International Journal of Vaccine Theory, Practice, and Research that warned the quickly-approved vaccine “raises multiple safety concerns” for children.

In an interview on Fox News, Seneff bluntly said not only should parents keep their children from the COVID vaccine but they should “do everything they can to avoid it, absolutely everything they can.”

Seneff was interviewed last month by Fox News host Laura Ingraham. 

Back in the less-dramatic Fox News interview, which aired Feb. 14, Zinberg said there is no logical reason for any more mandates because of protection from the vaccines and from natural immunity among those who have recovered from the virus. 

"So I think it's really time to reconsider these mandates,” he advised, quite belatedly, “before you start firing essential workers like policeman, fireman, and teachers."