Another climate change report, another warning about control

Another climate change report, another warning about control

Another climate change report, another warning about control

Alarm bells are ringing at the United Nations, where a climate change panel is warning world leaders time is slipping away to save humanity, but a skeptic says his ears are still ringing after listening to 30 years of similar cataclysmic warnings.

A UN report released March 2 warns greenhouse gas emissions should be decreasing, but they are not, so action must be taken immediately that will limit the planet’s warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius, according to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

According to the UN report, the guilty party is mankind because we are driving gasoline-powered automobiles, harvesting carbon-holding trees, and harming the world with agriculture practices, The New York Post, citing the report, summarized.

"Humanity is on thin ice – and that ice is melting fast," said U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres.

Guterres made that comment in a speech this week because the UN has declared the year 2025 the "International Year of Glaciers' Preservation," a skeptical article at PJ Media points out. 

This latest UN warning didn’t do much to persuade longtime climate change skeptic Steve Milloy, a science expert and attorney who founded the website junkscience.com. Milloy disputes the claim there is “catastrophic” climate change that is caused by man.  

“The U.N.,” he tells AFN, “is constantly and has been constantly, for the last 30 years, sounding the alarm about so-called climate change and global warming."

Citing current data, Milloy says humans have emitted approximately 500 billion tons of emissions into the atmosphere since just 2014. That amount is 14% of the man-made carbon dioxide emitted.

“And there has been no global warming. In fact, there’s been slight global cooling,” he insists. “Yet we're told every time you eat a cheeseburger, or drive to work, or do a Google search, you're warming the planet."

Milloy, Steve (JunkScience.com) Milloy

According to some scientists, even a 1.5-degree warming is predicted to trigger worldwide droughts and famines. That warming is often described as the best-case scenario since a window of opportunity has allegedly closed.

Milloy has another theory about the warnings.

"They want to use global warming, climate change, extreme weather, to gain control over our lives," says Milloy. "This has nothing to do with the climate or weather or environment."

 Accusing the United Nations of nefarious motives is nothing new for the bureaucratic, villain-filled UN, of course. It didn't help that one of the report's 93 co-authors demanded "climate justice" from the world's most prosperous nations. 

In his March 22 speech about saving the glaciers, Guterres used that same phrase. He told UN representatives they must work together to "reduce emissions, enhance adaption measures and ensure climate justice." 

In the very next sentence in his speech, the UN leader said "developing nations" must have the "resources" to adapt to climate change.

By "developing nations" he was referring to the planet's poorest. The "resources" they are depending on, meaning money, would naturally come from the wealthiest.