Med students learning to ignore mental illness and affirm it, too

Med students learning to ignore mental illness and affirm it, too

Med students learning to ignore mental illness and affirm it, too

A political activist and veteran of the culture war says it was sad to learn transgender ideology is infecting medical students in his state, where they are being forced to accept and recite the ideology in order to pass a first-year medical course.

Thanks to Fox News, which obtained classroom documents, the public is learning first-year students at Indiana University School of Medicine are being subjected to the mind virus of transgender-friendly beliefs. In a mandatory class called “Human Structure,” a PowerPoint slide presentation informs future physicians the idea of two sexes is “overly simplistic.”

On the same slide presentation, which is entitled “Sex and Gender Primer,” the terms “man” and “woman” are called “common gender types” but those terms are described as “oversimplification."

Elsewhere in the “Sex and Gender Primer” presentation, the mental illness of a transgender patient is only indirectly mentioned in the context of using "inclusive language" to make patients feel more welcomed and accepted. Using such language reduces depression and suicidal thoughts in patients, especially adolescents, the medical students are told.  

"Language is foundational to transgender and non-binary inclusiveness," it states. 

In the first-year course, a diagnosis of Gender Identity Disorder predictably goes ignored. That term was abandoned in 2012 by the American Psychological Association, because it created a "stigma" for transgender people, as if feeling like you are the opposite sex, and are contemplating suicide, is normal behavior. 

On slide number 19, the IUSM students are even introduced to the now-infamous “Genderbread Person,” a trangender-affirming cartoon character that is typically used in elementary-school grades to indoctrinate young children.

The medical school, meanwhile, claims its acceptance rate is 6% for a campus of approximately 2,060 students in Indianapolis. IUSM is also one of the largest medical schools in the U.S. 

Micah Clark, executive director of the American Family Association of Indiana, tells AFN it's quite clear the woke agenda is corrupting everything, including science and medicine.

“It's unfortunate that we're setting aside scientific truth for liberal ideology,” he says, “in saying what isn't true, which is a man can be a woman and or a woman can be a man. People know in their gut that's not true."

But the “Sex and Gender Primer” states otherwise and expects students to agree. On one PowerPoint slide, a “Session Learning Objective” is for students to “explain how a nuanced understanding of sex and gender, and use of inclusive terminology, may positively affect healthcare of all individuals.”

Clark, Micah (AFA of Indiana) (1) Clark

That word salad of a sentence leaves no room for debate. As written, it also clearly expects the medical student to agree with the premise about made-up words and definitions.

"Gender affirmation," the med students are told, "represents the social processes where individuals receive recognition and support for their gender identity."