Wokeness pushed technology giant to science-denying silliness

Wokeness pushed technology giant to science-denying silliness

Wokeness pushed technology giant to science-denying silliness

Apple, the industry-leading technology giant, stumbled foolishly into the culture wars after introducing a ridiculous “pregnant man” emoji, says the spokesman for a pro-family group.

Emojis are the tiny graphics users can attach to a cellphone text or to a social media post, such as a heart and a smiley face. With an iPhone software update in January, Apple apparently sought to be gender-inclusive when it introduced a “pregnant man” emoji.

The image, in reality, looks like a man with a big tummy who needs some exercise, but it is the willingness of Apple to create and promote something biologically impossible that has created so much scrutiny beyond mocking a man with a "beer gut."  

“This is obviously part of corporate America’s approach to wokeness,” says Ed Vitagliano, an executive vice president at the Mississippi-based American Family Association.

Vitagliano tells AFN that Apple is championing the transgender-affirming delusions there are more than two genders, and the belief a man can become a woman and even give birth to a child. Those might be fundamental beliefs of the Left, he says, but those kinds of delusions don’t work in real life.

“If I think I'm a starting pitcher for the Boston Red Sox, if I show up at Fenway Park,” he says, “they're not gonna let me do that.”

Yet here is a technology-pioneering corporation pretending that men can get pregnant.

Vitagliano, Ed (AFA VP) Vitagliano

When it rolled out the new emojis, Apple also introduced a “third gender” emoji that is represented by the face of a person wearing a crown, Fox News reported.

Vitagliano, who is a writer and radio co-host at AFA, first shared his views in a press release that was noticed by Fox News earlier this week. He then appeared in a segment Thursday morning with co-host Bill Hemmer, where the AFA spokesman blasted Apple for wading into issues over gender and human sexuality that should be family discussions.

“When Apple has a lot of its business in China, which has its own human rights abuses,” Vitagliano said, “I think it becomes apparent to parents that these companies are after one thing and that's making the next buck, and they don't really care about the kids.”


Editor's Note: The American Family Association is the parent organization of the American Family News Network, which operates AFN.net.