Gov. Youngkin turns away industry's bad actors

Gov. Youngkin turns away industry's bad actors

Gov. Youngkin turns away industry's bad actors

Pro-lifers in Virginia applaud their governor for seeing the latest efforts to protect the abortion cartel for what they were.

Olivia Turner of the Virginia Society for Human Life says pro-life Governor Glenn Youngkin (R) has sent a message to liberal Democrats.

Turner, Olivia (VSHL) Turner

"Each one of these bills were designed by pro-abortion groups to give cover to abortion businesses, abortion industry people, promoters, and abortionists themselves who would otherwise be accountable to both state laws outside of Virginia and also our own board of medicine here in Virginia," Turner details.

The bills would have placed Old Dominion in a position of ignoring other state's rights to hold abortionists accountable for their crimes. For example, a provider who breaks laws in a state like Texas would have only needed to travel to the commonwealth for refuge if the bills had been approved.

"The governor vetoed two bills that actually were designed to make it impossible for another state with a valid law on the books to pursue an abortionist who had broken those laws in their home state," Turner details. "That means states in other parts of the country that have passed protective pro-life laws would have no recourse if those abortionists were setting up shop and hiding in Virginia."

VSHL notes that laws like these would have put more women's lives at risk.

The Virginia General Assembly does not have sufficient votes to overturn the vetoes.