Pregnancy isn't a disease, and mifepristone isn't a cure

Pregnancy isn't a disease, and mifepristone isn't a cure

Pregnancy isn't a disease, and mifepristone isn't a cure

The abortion industry has again been caught downplaying the dangers of chemical abortion.

Though it failed to convince anyone that mifepristone is safer than Tylenol, Dr. Randall K. O'Bannon of the National Right to life Committee says the abortion cartel is at it again.

"Now they've come out and said that … it's safer than penicillin, safer than Viagra," he reports. "The idea is that supposedly, if you find out that this drug is safer than those things, that you ought to be able to accept the fact that this is a very safe drug."

Regarding the comparison to penicillin, Dr. O'Bannon says CNN is using stats from the early 2000s that showed 10% of patients had a bad reaction.

"The percentage of people that suffer from things like anaphylactic shock, which is the more dangerous sort of situation where you might have swelling or some sort of asthma, have trouble breathing -- that's actually not 10% but about 0.0005%," the pro-lifer cites.

There is also the fact that penicillin is a proven lifesaver. Mifepristone, however, blocks progesterone, a natural substance that is needed for a pregnancy to continue. In other words, it is meant to end life.

As for the claim about Viagra, Dr. O'Bannon points out that the article used to support that was from 2000, just two years after the FDA approved that drug for the U.S. market. So, under contemporary use and with current understanding, the conclusive claim that the death rate for Viagra is 10 times greater than that for mifepristone is no longer tenable.

The pro-lifer concludes that drugs like penicillin and Tylenol save lives, relieve pain, and generally make life better. "Mifepristone interrupts a healthy pregnancy, takes lives, causes incredible pain and copious bleeding, and puts a mother's life and health at risk."

In short, the evidence does not support any of the abortion lobby's contentions.