Dems aiming to make their state an 'abortion magnet'

Dems aiming to make their state an 'abortion magnet'

Dems aiming to make their state an 'abortion magnet'

Democratic lawmakers in Virginia unmistakably want to coddle troublesome abortionists – and that greatly troubles a family advocacy group in the state.

The Virginia General Assembly has passed and sent to the governor a bill that provides special protections for abortionists. Senate Bill 15, sponsored by State Senator Barbara Favola (D), says the state would not recognize a demand for extradition of an individual allegedly involved in a criminal violation related to "reproductive health care services."

In other words, under the legislation an abortionist in a pro-life state charged with crimes involving abortion could avoid prosecution by moving to Virginia. Victoria Cobb of the Virginia-based Family Foundation argues that should alarm women in the Commonwealth.

Cobb, Victoria (Family Foundation - Virginia) Cobb

"It's a concern for any woman who would even consider having an abortion that we would have abortionists who have made mistakes [and who] do not even perform the surgery well come and hide within our state borders and face no ramifications for surgeries gone wrong," she tells AFN.

Under other Democrat-sponsored legislation in the Virginia House, an abortionist who illegally ships abortion pills into states where it's illegal could not be prosecuted. A separate bill would prohibit governors from extraditing abortionists, another would prohibit the Board of Medicine from disciplining them – and yet another makes sure doctors or prescribers with religious objections would not be protected.

Cobb clearly isn't happy with the measures being put forward.

"We are deeply concerned that these items of legislation are attempting to create Virginia as a safe haven not just for abortions that happen within our borders but truly for abortionists who want to be bad actors in states that have done a better job of protecting human life than we have here in Virginia," she laments.

According to LifeNews.com, the goal of the abortion industry is to make Virginia an "abortion magnet" – and pro-abortion lawmakers are trying to create a legal framework that will attract more abortionists to the state.