Babies benefit from the truth

Babies benefit from the truth

Babies benefit from the truth

A pro-lifer in California says when the people of her state hear the truth about abortion, they listen and respond accordingly.

Mary Rose Short of California Right to Life says in her state, the fight for life is an uphill one.

"When we are able to present our message about the dignity of the unborn child, Californians, like anyone else, understand and believe it," she tells AFN. "It's harder to get this message out in California because we have Hollywood here; we have our very pro-abortion politicians."

Most media outlets and spokespeople are part of the cheering squad for the so-called right to terminate children in the womb. But Live Action News points out that what is not acknowledged is that "people just don't really like abortion, even if they want it to remain legal."

"When we can get the message out, people listen," Short notes.

"It is hard, but one-on-one conversations, if people will talk to their neighbors, talk to their friends -- don't be afraid to say you're pro-life," She urges. "We know that people are afraid, but we have to be bold, and then more people will stand up for the rights for the unborn."

Local residents are doing so in various California cities. For instance, hundreds of people protested when a new facility was set to open in Fontana, and community pushback caused an abortion facility in Beverly Hills to lose its lease. Even Planned Parenthood abandoned plans for a facility in Visalia when residents complained, and another new facility planned for El Centro could not open due to bureaucratic red tape.

Short says more success comes when more people understand that those facilities are death camps.