Pro-lifers praise 'alert' lawmakers

Pro-lifers praise 'alert' lawmakers

Pro-lifers praise 'alert' lawmakers

While she is grateful that House Republicans joined together to defeat the Democrats' latest attempt to enshrine abortion, a pro-lifer urges lawmakers to remain vigilant.

Emily Erin Davis of Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America says the Women's Health Protection Act, better known as the Abortion on Demand Until Birth Act, has been floating around Congress for several years now, and it is extremely dangerous.

Davis, Emily Erin (SBA Pro-Life America) Davis

"It [will] strip the pro-life states of all of their existing pro-life laws," she begins. "We're talking about half the country that's enacted pro-life legislation protecting babies at 12 weeks or earlier. It would also take away parental consent and notification on abortion. So, if you're a parent, you wouldn't even be notified or be able to give your consent on that abortion for minors."

She goes on to explain that the measure would impact virtually all medical personnel across the board, forcing doctors and medical staff to perform abortions "even if they have a religious or ethical concern."

Democrats tried to use an unrelated procedural vote to force the bill to the House floor, but all of the Republicans voted against it, bringing the effort to a halt.

"We always need to be alert, because there was no warning on this," Davis notes. "They were going to pull this sneak attack, and that's why I'm just so happy to see that the Republicans were united and all voted against it."

She adds that Republicans have to be vigilant, because Democrats will not give up on trying to get the dangerous bill approved.