Texas pro-lifers just doing what they do

Texas pro-lifers just doing what they do

Texas pro-lifers just doing what they do

Pregnancy resource centers in one of the union's most pro-life states are keeping busy.

Except to save the life of the mother, abortion is illegal in Texas, which means more women than ever are seeking help and assistance through their unplanned pregnancies, births, and beyond.

Schwartz, Kimberlyn (Texas Right to Life) Schwartz

"There are still pregnant women who are considering abortion, and they can buy illegal abortion pills online; they can go to other states to have abortions," notes Kim Schwartz of Texas Right to Life. "So, we need to make sure that we're taking care of women in our communities so that they're not tempted or pressured to go and have an abortion, but to actually choose life and to give them the resources they need to do that."

According to a study Charlotte Lozier Institute conducted of the nation's pro-life pregnancy resource centers in 2022, they have been making a tremendous impact, especially since authority to regulate abortion was returned to the states.

In Texas, which has a network of pregnancy resource centers, adoption agencies and maternity homes that work to help women with unplanned pregnancies, Schwartz says more than 113,000 women have sought and found help carrying their babies to term.

"We don't live just in an anti-abortion state, but a truly pro-life state that encourages women and children and families and brings them together to glorify the Lord," she asserts.