Abortion mecca New Mexico only wants women calling 'Reproductive Health' hotline

Abortion mecca New Mexico only wants women calling 'Reproductive Health' hotline

Abortion mecca New Mexico only wants women calling 'Reproductive Health' hotline

New Mexico’s abortion-worshipping legislators, determined to keep their state an abortion capital, ran from a bill that would provide pregnancy and parenting resources for women who plan to give birth to a child and not kill it in the womb.

House Bill 180, an appropriations bill, would create a Mexico Department of Health website and hotline for expectant mothers and new parents.

The state agency currently operates an abortion hotline. So presumably the pregnancy information would have competed with that information in a state that literally brags (pictured above) about its easy access for abortions after the Dobbs abortion ruling. 

According to the bill, it would have appropriated $100,000 for the state to develop a parenting website and hotline “that provides information on social services, financial assistance, adoption services, pregnancy and parenting information, planning guidance, care centers and other available public and private resources for expectant families and new parents.”

House Bill 180 was co-sponsored by Rep. Jenifer Jones, a registered nurse.

In a party-line vote, the legislation was tabled this week in a 6-3 committee vote thanks to the committee chair, Rep. Liz Thomson, a Democrat and abortion supporter, who expressed outrage when Roe v. Wade was overturned two years ago.  

“It’s about body sovereignty,” Thomson told Source New Mexico, an online news service. “No one should be able to tell me what I must or can’t do with my body.”

Elisa Martinez, of New Mexico Alliance for Life, tells AFN the so-called “progressive” Democrats who defeated the bill claim they care about women’s choices in their state.

“The only choice that they want to provide information on, unfortunately, is abortion only,” she says.

Martinez, Elisa (NM Alliance for Life) Martinez

Martinez and other pro-lifers watched House Bill 180 get defeated knowing the state Department of Health currently operates a “Reproductive Health Hotline” that is staffed weekdays and weekends.  

Thomson, a mother of two, is ironically a pediatric physical therapist whose livelihood depends on children who were carried to full term by their mothers.

The state representative’s Twitter page features smiling children, which is likely related to her profession but not her view of pregnancy.