Pro-life groups endorse Trump, cite his strong record of protecting life

Pro-life groups endorse Trump, cite his strong record of protecting life

Pro-life groups endorse Trump, cite his strong record of protecting life

Former President Donald Trump has received major endorsements from two national pro-life groups in his bid to retake the White House – one of which is urging all pro-life groups to follow suit.

The National Right to Life Committee has announced its full support for Trump who, in his only term, was hailed as "the most pro-life" president to serve in that capacity. NRLC president Carol Tobias tells AFN there are things Trump could do in a second four-year term – even if Congress does not act.

Tobias, Carol (NRLC) Tobias

"[He could] protect our tax dollars so that in this country or in other countries our money was not being used to pay for the killing of unborn children," Tobias explains. "He can establish conscience protections so that personnel are not forced to participate in an abortion or assisted suicide."

According to the NRLC leader, Trump could also order the Food and Drug Administration to be more honest about the proven dangers of abortion pills – and can connect women with resources so they can carry their babies to full term.

"They will find out that help [and] support are available," Tobias emphasizes. "There is a lot that the Executive Branch can do. Donald Trump did that when he was in office for four years and what he can do is completely overturn everything the pro-abortion Biden administration has been doing for the last three years."

In addition, she notes, as Commander-in-Chief of the military Trump could order that the Pentagon stop footing the bill for abortion travel for military and their families.

Trump a 'promise keeper'

Kansas-based Operation Rescue (OR) also went public this week with its "enthusiastic" endorsement of the former president, saying he accomplished more to protect the unborn than any president in the nation's history.

Newman, Troy (Operation Rescue) Newman

"His administration was committed to policies that reflected the sanctity of life," OR president Troy Newman said in a press release. "President Trump is a promise keeper. In fact, he went beyond his promises to protect babies from the heinous practice of abortion – and he will do so again if elected."

Like NRLC, Operation Rescue cites many of Trump's pro-life accomplishments during his first term – including appointed three conservative justices to the Supreme Court that overturned Roe v. Wade; halted international funding of abortions; defunded the pro-abortion World Health Organization; and stopped funding experiments with aborted babies' body parts.

"His strong pro-life record speaks for itself," Newman adds. "We must now work together in unity to halt the radical abortion expansion agenda of the corrupt Biden-Harris regime."