Google shares the government's grudge against PRCs

Google shares the government's grudge against PRCs

Google shares the government's grudge against PRCs

A pro-lifer calls the popular search engine's obvious allegiance to abortion "really sad."

According to a new study testing the search engine giant against its competitors, Google's search results consistently favor pro-abortion sources over pro-life ones.

If a woman searches "pregnancy" on Google, the Media Research Center has found that Planned Parenthood and other abortions providers are given as the top results. She must scroll deep into the results to learn about her real options.

Andrea Trudden of Heartbeat International tells AFN her organization has long been aware of the problem.

Trudden, Andrea (Heartbeat International) Trudden

"We see it with Yelp, we've seen it with Google, [and] we've seen it with social media organizations," she relays. "Unfortunately, our letters, our requests for information, our questions as to why we're being blocked have gone largely unanswered."

She says it is essential for women to know that abortion is not their only option.

"We know that nine out of 10 pregnant women who enter a Planned Parenthood do not leave with their baby. However, nine out of 10 women who enter a pregnancy center do, [because] they receive the information about all their options," Trudden reports. "Google has taken the stand that they're not going to provide women with all the answers, which is really sad for a search engine."

"The only thing that we can do is keep a spotlight on it so that others take notice," the pro-lifer submits.

That is maintained by applying consistent public pressure on Congress and social media.

Multinational technology companies are not the only ones waging war against pregnancy resource centers (PRCs). The Department of Health and Human Services has proposed a rule change that would prohibit them from receiving federal funds.

Daniel, Katie (SBA Pro-Life America) Daniel

Katie Daniel of Susan B. Anthony (SBA) Pro-Life America says Governor Josh Shapiro (D-Pennsylvania) piqued the federal government's interest with his effort to end his state's 25-year partnership with Real Alternatives.

"It has been very successful in that state, but it does say that abortion is not the best option," she notes. "It's pro-life, and he wants to redirect those funds to Planned Parenthood. Now the Biden administration wants to do that nationwide."

In a recent press release, SBA Pro-Life America explains that if the proposed rule change is enforced, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Louisiana, and Indiana may no longer be able to utilize Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) dollars to help mothers and babies through PRCs.

"That is the foundation of the pro-life movement, of the pregnancy center movement, is meeting that need, whatever it is in the moment," Daniel asserts. "Instead, the abortion industry offers one answer to every problem. They don't help you keep your baby. They tell you you should abort your baby."

A Creative Response Concepts poll conducted just after the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade last year found 74% of respondents favored pro-life pregnancy centers' public funding – which means this move from the Biden administration goes against the will of the American public.