California's cultivating 'abortion culture'

California's cultivating 'abortion culture'

California's cultivating 'abortion culture'

The Golden State is running a strong campaign to become the abortion capital of the country.

Since the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, leaving it up to the states to decide their own abortion regulations, California has launched programs to attract abortion tourists.

Most recently, Governor Gavin Newsom (D) announced he is spending $20 million to both increase the state's "reproductive healthcare workforce" and train pharmacists to "provide comprehensive reproductive health services" – in other words, to attract abortionists and pharmacists to kill preborn children.

"At taxpayer expense, Gov. Newsom is encouraging abortionists to train in California," Mary Rose Short of California Right to Life explains. "He's recruiting new abortionists and even starting this reproductive health service corps, an abortion corps is what it really is, having a state-funded … abortion culture."

This effort to normalize abortion, she says, reflects an agenda and is also a political payoff to the industry.

"There is so much money sloshing around back and forth between the pro-abortion politicians in California and Planned Parenthood," Short asserts. "They scratch each other's backs. Funding is back and forth. The politicians show up at the Planned Parenthood fundraisers; Planned Parenthood in turn funds their campaigns. They vote for more money for Planned Parenthood. It's a vicious cycle with a lot of money going back and forth."

Live Action News points out that in his time as California's governor, Newsom has spent millions in state money on shoring up the security of abortion facilities, creating task forces designed to promote abortion, stockpiling the abortion pills, and spearheading a constitutional amendment that makes abortion a constitutional "right."

The state has also done much to persuade women from other states to travel there for abortion, and it continues to do all it can to capitalize on ending innocent lives.