Ohio pro-lifers placed on high alert

Ohio pro-lifers placed on high alert

Ohio pro-lifers placed on high alert

One of the most conservative states in the union is bracing itself for an upcoming election that could eliminate all of its pro-life gains.

Out-of-state organizations like the American Civil Liberties Union have hired other people from different states to gather signatures on an Ohio ballot initiative to legalize abortion up to birth. Laura Strietmann of Cincinnati Right to Life tells AFN state officials have certified enough signatures, which means the issue will be up to voters this fall.

"This abortion cartel wants to be able to keep Ohio positioned on the map, to be able to keep the blood flowing here in our state," she laments. "This November 7th election … will be an election to enshrine abortion through all nine months into Ohio [law] -- radical, painful, late-term abortions."

Strietmann believes, though, that pro-life voters can defeat the measure.

Strietmann, Laura (Greater Cincinnati RTL) Strietmann

"If you look at our last election, our Republican Governor [Mike] DeWine (R), who signed the heartbeat law, he won 85 of 88 counties in Ohio," she notes. "President Trump won Ohio by a large margin, and we have a supermajority in our House and our Senate, and all the other higher positions in the state are conservative pro-life leaders."

Meanwhile, Cincinnati Right to Life is encouraging voters to "protect Ohio's Constitution" and vote YES on Issue 1 on August 8th. It will increase the threshold required for any proposed amendment to the Constitution of Ohio from a simple majority vote of 50% +1, to a 60% majority vote. 

"A 'yes' vote on Issue 1 will make it more difficult to pass any future amendment to the Constitution of Ohio, including this November's ballot initiative seeking an abortion rights constitutional amendment that expands and enshrines late-term abortions while removing parental rights," Strietmann's organization explains on its website.

Regardless of what happens with that, she reasons that the ballot measure overturning all of the state's abortion restrictions should fail, but only if pro-life voters show up at the polls.