Abortion lobby profiting off of other states' pro-life laws

Abortion lobby profiting off of other states' pro-life laws

Abortion lobby profiting off of other states' pro-life laws

Colorado has been the setting of a record number of abortions over the past year.

Since the U.S. Supreme Court returned to the states the authority to set their own abortion regulations, lawmakers in Colorado have passed some extreme laws. Abortion there is legal at all stages of pregnancy, and it is one of seven states without any term restrictions as to when a pregnancy can be terminated.

According it the state's recently-released figures, business is booming.

Little, Marcie (Colorado for Life) Little

"They've reported that 28% of all of the abortions last year in Colorado were actually performed for women from other states," relays Marcie Little of Colorado for Life. "These women are coming from states like Texas, Oklahoma -- different surrounding states that have banned abortion."

According to provisional data from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, there were 13,771 abortions performed in Colorado in 2022 -- the most in any year going back to 2004 and a 20% rise from 2021.

A local news outlet reports that the number of abortions performed in The Centennial State reached a 15-year record in 2022, specifically because of the 938% increase in women coming from Texas for the procedure.

Knowing they would reap high profits from the law, Little says Planned Parenthood showed up when the legislature passed this year's extreme legislation.

"Planned Parenthood's lobbyist actually showed up with champagne to the House floor for all of the representatives to celebrate the passage of these horrific bills," she details. "They are loving this. All the different pro-abortion groups here in Colorado are loving that these number are up."

Colorado for Life, however, remains resolute to shift the situation into preborn babies' favor. Knowing that education is the key, they are joined by other organizations and legislators in pro-life states in continuing their campaign on the humanity of the preborn child.

Elected officials in Iowa, for example, are looking at ways to protect pro-life legislation from the courts.

Earlier this month, the Iowa Supreme Court ruled against the state's heartbeat law, which is designed to protect almost any preborn child with a detectable heartbeat from abortion.

But Maggie DeWitte of Pulse Life Advocates says they are not giving up.

DeWitte, Maggie (Pulse Life Advocates) DeWitte

"We want to move quickly, and so our hope in the life movement is that Governor [Kim] Reynolds (R) will implement a special session sometime this summer to either pass another similar heartbeat bill or something like that to protect babies here in our state," DeWitte tells AFN.

She says there have been discussions about strategy, including impeaching the judges who ruled against the heartbeat legislation.

"I certainly would support any decision, if we're going to run into the same situation where our duly elected legislators and our governor sign a law only to have judges rule against it," the pro-lifer discloses.

Pointing out that the voters elected the pro-life super majority in the state House and Senate, as well as the pro-life governor, DeWitte says the judges are guilty of legislating from the bench.

Meanwhile, the state constitution includes no right to abortion.