Abortion providers only interested in helping themselves

Abortion providers only interested in helping themselves

Abortion providers only interested in helping themselves

A pro-lifer thinks her Wyoming town's new abortion clinic will soon discover business is not as good as its operators thought it'd be.

After a one-year delay, the Wellspring Health Access child termination clinic has opened in Casper, Wyoming. Jessica Baxter of the nearby True Care Women's Resource Center tells AFN the limited services Wellspring offers are no different from what any other abortion facility provides.

Baxter, Jessica (True Care Women's Resource Center) Baxter

"When one woman called to ask for an appointment, she just wanted to know her options. Their answer was, 'Well, you can have a medical abortion, or you can have a procedural abortion,'" Baxter relays. "So in other words, you can have the pill, or you can have the procedure. They didn't offer adoption. They didn't offer parenting. They didn't offer assistance and resources."

Knowing the clinic has no plans to help pregnant women in crisis, Baxter's group responded accordingly.

"We actually opened a walk-in clinic just two blocks away so that the sidewalk advocates could be out on the sidewalk giving women blessing bags, telling them there are free options just two blocks away," the pro-lifer details. "Our team is down at the walk-in clinic awaiting any of those women that decide to come down and seek information, that seek free services."

True Care, she says, is aptly named. It provides resources to help women in crisis bring their babies to term. The basic needs of the mother and her preborn child are met, and the services are free.

Wellspring Health, however, only offers abortion and rings the cash register every time a distressed woman or girl comes through the door – a business model that the nation's largest abortion chain has employed since its inception.

Katie Brown of American Life League tells AFN that Planned Parenthood, a supposed non-profit headquartered in New York City, has regional offices throughout the country with managers who receive massive paychecks.

"Their average CEO salary is over $317,000 a year, and that's just the average, with the top one ringing in about $620,000 a year," Brown details, citing her organization's latest report on the subject. "Planned Parenthood claims to be a non-profit and rakes in just over $670 million in government funding every year."

That does not even include the profit the non-profit enjoys annually, mostly from discriminating against minorities.

Brown, Katie (ALL) Brown

"70% of Planned Parenthoods are within walking distance of minority and college neighborhoods, so specifically, they're targeting minorities and people who are just kind of lower on the pay scale," the pro-lifer explains. "One of the interesting things that we found is that the average household income -- not even personal income, but just the average household income -- of Planned Parenthood's clientele is under $40,000 a year."

Within the corporation itself, the lowest paid CEO is a black woman. A white woman and white man are the highest paid executives at Planned Parenthood.