Protecting women is something to celebrate

Protecting women is something to celebrate

Protecting women is something to celebrate

As the one-year anniversary of the overturning of Roe v. Wade nears, women who regret their abortions are speaking up.

Saturday, June 24th marks a year since the U.S. Supreme Court declared its decision in the 1973 case was wrong. It has since been up to the states to decide their own abortion regulations.

In anticipation of the anniversary, The Justice Foundation continues to give post-abortive women the opportunity to speak out.

"The Supreme Court Dobbs case made it possible to provide protection for women and for a better future for women and children," accounts a woman identified as Jane from Texas. She shares that her husband agreed with her decision at the time but laments, "Shortly after the abortion, my uterus was removed, ending [the possibility of] future children."

Her situation is not uncommon. As Operation Rescue monitors abortion clinics in various states, the watchdog has no shortage of evidence that child termination centers continue to cause health problems for the women who visit them.

Earlier this month, for example, pro-life observer Fred Sokol saw multiple emergency vehicles arriving at Preterm, an abortion clinic in Cleveland, Ohio. Operation Rescue soon obtained a copy of the 911 call for the 32-year-old woman who was bleeding uncontrollably and suffering a "possibly dangerous hemorrhage" after her pregnancy-ending procedure there.

According to the dispatch sheet, ambulances have been called to Preterm Cleveland so often that paramedics are not sufficient; dispatchers are instructed to always "[s]end a supervisor to all calls for service at this location."

In this case, six were called to the lady's aid.

Operation Rescue's records show that at least two women have died after abortions at Preterm, and the clinic has a long history of problematic abortions and failed inspections.

Meanwhile, the abortion lobby falsely maintains that abortion is completely safe for women.

In her testimony to The Justice Foundation, a woman called Tracy says this time last year, she was traveling with a group to a retreat when they heard the news.

"There were shouts, there [was] applause, and there were cheers of joy," she remembers. "Everyone, even people driving to the retreat, stopped along the way to listen to the news. All of us had experienced abortion, and before we started on the healing journey with our participants, we celebrated this reversal."

Countless others have testified to the horrors they have experienced because of their abortions, and now they celebrate the fact that women and girls can be spared any of that thanks to pro-life state laws and the work of the pregnancy help centers that can be found all across the nation.